FIFPRO Academy Graduates 2500

FIFPRO Online Academy: Combine Your Football Career With Education

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FIFPRO Academy Graduates 2500
FIFPRO organises a Sport Management Bachelor’s degree program for professional players with University College Northern Denmark: the FIFPRO Online Academy.

The course is open to players from the European Union, and there are a limited number of places available.

Graduating from this course will mean you are better placed to gain employment when your career as a player finishes. It also helps you to get internships with our network of sports organisations and football clubs.


The flexible way to learn

The degree has been adapted to reflect the demands of your career: all the exercises and learning activities are available online and you can follow the lectures and do your homework whenever it suits you best.

This could be at home, when travelling to and from matches, or at training camp. If you move to another country, you just continue as before.

Footballer Matthew Guillaumier talks about his first year on the FIFPRO Online Academy.

Course structure

The Sport Management Bachelor’s degree program runs over seven semesters and takes about 3.5 years to finish.

All students must complete an internship in semesters three and seven, which are 13 weeks long. FIFPRO will help you find internships: maybe even your own club will give you this opportunity.


Course requirements

All courses are in English, and as part of the selection process, you must do an English test. All students must have completed their secondary school education.



The admission fee is €600, but you will get a €300 refund if you successfully pass the first year.

The costs for books will be around €200 per semester (except for semesters 3 & 7 when you do your internship).


Apply now to join the Online Academy in September 2020

The next Online Academy at the University College Northern Denmark will commence on 1 September 2020. The application window opens on 1 February 2020 and closes on 15 March 2020. 

There are only a limited number of places available and competition is expected to be fierce.

So, in addition to being eligible for the course your motivation will be key and you might not be accepted even if you fulfill the admission requirements.

If you can fulfill all or most the following criteria you are likely to increase your chances of being selected:

  • Strong motivation
  • Stable environment
  • Work experience
  • Additional courses or education (besides the requirements) within a related field

Please contact your national players association if you would like to discuss whether or not for the FIFPRO Online Academy is the best fit for you.

FIFPRO Academy Kim Deinoff 1100
Kim Eirik Deinoff

“This study offers you an inside look at what happens in our business.”

— by Kim Eirik Deinoff, FIFPRO Online Academy graduate