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Player Workload Monitoring

An analytical tool from FIFPRO and Football Benchmark

FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring observes player workload and match scheduling across different competitions, maximising data and knowledge to address the growing information needs of the football industry. The platform supports decision-makers to make informed decisions about the next generation of sustainable and integrated competitions.

Player Workload Monitoring Tool

What you should know


The platform allows multi-level analysis with the purpose of improving the integrated management of match calendars and player workload. It includes metrics such as general match schedules, basic player match load information, a break-down of competition formats, season-by-season analysis, accumulated duration of international travel, as well as the duration of rest and recovery periods.


The digital platform offers an objective analysis of a player’s workload, supporting the development of player-centric competition calendars that convey a commitment to peak performance and sustainable career paths.


FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring (PWM) is an ongoing and cutting-edge monitoring platform that is scalable, open and able to address the entire match schedule and related workload of players across competitions at a global level.

2022/23 Men's Workload Report: Extreme Calendar Congestion

Overlapping competition schedules and elevated individual workload demands are highlighted in a new FIFPRO report that warns of the impact on the health of professional players.

PWM 2023 Men's Report Cover

About FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring Tool

The FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring tool combines scientific knowledge with data insights to monitor player workload and match scheduling across different competitions.

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2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Workload Journey Report

The report underlines how the domestic and international calendars in the women’s game remain uneven and fragmented, leaving many players in the countries where football is less developed forced to move abroad to improve, or face the prospect of not having enough matches to reach their potential.

Women's PWM Report WWC 2023

FAQ: FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring Tool

The evidence-based information generated by FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring aims to contribute to the design of integrated and more balanced competition calendars that protect the health and performance of players.

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