1.1 Our Believes And Values

Our Beliefs and Values

FIFPRO stands for impact driven and human-centered actions.

Our beliefs and values drive the organisation, setting out general directions across a range of different themes and subject fields as they relate to the world of work of players worldwide.

We stand for six core principles and believes

1. Player Voice

By providing national and international platforms for professional players to unite and amplify their voices we are at the player’s service to represents all active professional players on all their interests associated with their profession. As players make football the most impactful game in the world, their voice is paramount to manage rapid change and to improve the stability of the game. Driven by player-centric knowledge and experience, we act as a thought leader and contribute to fact-based decision making.

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Union Representation

Players have a rightful position to in deciding how the industry is run. They must have a say in issues that affect their working conditions through collective agreements, collective governance models and the integration in decision-making structures. We carry the great responsibility associated with the players’ mandate, to be their collective representative. We are committed to embedding a pro-active culture to collective governance with other stakeholders to embrace our mission to place the player at the heart of the game.

Union Representation


Human Rights

By advancing fundamental rights of players within the football industry we are firmly committed to the broader human rights framework. The historic development of the football industry demonstrates that when the fundamental human- and labour rights of players have been protected, respected, and guaranteed, sport has grown both as a social institution, as an economic activity and business.

Human Rights


Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

By advocating for a more inclusive football industry, in which the principles of diversity, equality, equity and inclusion are embedded, we want to ensure that all its participants feel welcome, respected, and have equal access to opportunity. As such, not only do we recognise the value of diversity, equality, equity and inclusion, but we want to be at the forefront of the battle against discrimination, and champion accountability and transparency.

Diversity, Equality And Inclusion


Player Protection

Players are often immediately and directly affected by market failure and imperfection in the football industry. Player salary protection schemes, standard employment contracts and access to independent arbitration as well as protections against abuse are vital guiding principles of our work across international and domestic football markets.

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Sustainable Growth

By ensuring an eco-system that can invest in the future of work and the game we can create quality jobs for players and innovative competitions across markets. Professional footballers have an inherent interest to contribute to the sustainable development of the game and to create quality jobs and stable football markets in the countries they are playing. We are striving for player-centric development of football markets that fosters industry stability and places players and their work at centre of economic and social policy.

Sustainable Growth

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