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Preparing for the future of football

Foresight provides clear and thought-provoking analysis of industry trends that are shaping players' world of work. By anticipating the next big debates and illuminating progressive ideas, FIFPRO aspires to be a valuable player-centric resource for everyone who is working for better governance and a sustainable future for the game.

What you should know

Listening to voices from around the game

Collecting and understanding the thoughts of experts helps us sharpen our position, and provides us with multi-angle views on issues in football.

Building a better understanding

Foresight strengthens our ability to understand change, and provide a credible response to the urgent questions facing today’s players.

2.6.6. Performance Data (2)

All workers have the right to privacy – and players need a plan to protect it

Aída Ponce Del Castillo highlights why football needs to address industry developments driven by new technology and advances in data-capture that enable the rapid and large collection of sensitive player data in the working environment.

Aida Ponce Del Castillo 2