Player IQ Tech

Managing Technology and Innovation at the Workplace

Player IQ Tech addresses industry developments driven by new technology and advances in data-capture that enable the rapid collection of large amounts of sensitive player data in the working environment.

What you should know

The Need

Player IQ Tech addresses the urgent need to facilitate an effective understanding of emerging technology and its application to the working environment of players including the potential impact on their personal and commercial interests.

The Purpose

Player IQ Tech provides player unions with a consistent framework to enhance their knowledge and expertise, engage with fellow unions and industry experts, and ultimately manage player-centric technology and innovation in the football industry.

The Excellence Cluster

Player IQ Tech integrates and collaborates with player unions to facilitate knowledge sharing and the creation of collective assets to address future challenges and opportunities in the workplace driven by innovation and technology.

Player Data: Managing Technology and Innovation

The Charter of Player Data Rights provides a response to the opportunities and challenges caused by new technologies, and is guided by leading legislation on data protection and privacy rights.

Player Data Managing Technology And Innovation

Workplace priorities

Medical, Performance & Employment

Evaluating the multitude of risks that persist relating to the potential dual-uses of collected player data in the employment context.

Commercial & Fan Engagement

Developing protective standards and best practices for the collection and use of player IP, and facilitating value creation for players globally through a modern consent-based framework for distribution.

Player Organising & Collective Bargaining

Operating to monitor technological developments, identify opportunities and evaluate risks for players with the objective of helping to shape future organising and bargaining strategies.

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Player data rights: Why unions have an integral role to play

Nine FIFPRO member unions from four continents participated in the first FIFPRO Player IQ Tech Experience Tour in Tel-Aviv, Israel, giving them the chance to enhance their existing knowledge in the field of technology and innovation.

Data Tracking

Focus Areas

Capacity Building

Provide quarterly technology and innovation resources and updates for player unions such as newsletters, webinars with a specific focus on player-centric interests.


Monitor technology and innovation developments that impact players and their workplace and anticipate relevant trends in or for the industry.

Industry Engagement

Provide ongoing opportunities to engage with the technology & innovation ecosystem to identify common interests and position player union priorities on workplace issues in the football sector.

Tech Integration

Facilitate player union evaluation and testing of emerging technology solutions which hold significant importance and potential benefit for players.

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All workers have the right to privacy – and players need a plan to protect it

Aída Ponce Del Castillo highlights why football needs to address industry developments driven by new technology and advances in data-capture that enable the rapid and large collection of sensitive player data in the working environment.

Aida Ponce Del Castillo 2

“Professional footballers have the same data rights as everyone else”

— by Director Global Policy & Strategic Relations Men's Football Alexander Bielefeld

Why data protection authorities are now looking at football

The first FIFPRO Player IQ Tech Experience Tour took place in Tel-Aviv, Israel which highlighted how player data is currently being collected and shared. The event illustrated the need for unions to implement frameworks in order to manage and control the use of player data in the employment context.

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