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FIFPRO Global Player Council strengthened with 29 men and women footballers

FIFPRO has launched a new Global Player Council (GPC) to put men and women professional footballers at the heart of decision-making in international football.

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Global Player Council: A Platform For Players

Player Data: Managing Technology and Innovation

Players, football industry stakeholders and interested third-parties have common key interests in utilising state-of-the-art science and cutting-edge technology to drive player performance.

Player Data Managing Technology And Innovation
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David Aganzo: "Footballers need to work in the best possible conditions"

David Aganzo, David Terrier, and Joaquim Evangelista appeared together in Seville, Spain on 28 September at the sixth edition of the World Football Summit (WFS) Europe – an event that brings together the global football industry.

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FIFPRO PWM Flash Report 2022: A Calendar That Respects Players' Health

This edition of the FIFPRO PWM Flash Report focuses on the findings of two recent surveys - FIFPRO Global Player Survey and the FIFPRO High-Performance Coach survey.

PWM Flash Report 2022 COVER

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