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Mario Jokic: "I almost paid 9,000 euro to a fake agent"

Mario Jokic is a free agent player from Croatia. Earlier this summer, after participating in the training camp of his country’s player union HUNS, he was approached by a person pretending to be an agent, who said he could help him join Spanish club Deportivo Leganes. Mario tells his story to warn other players.

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Mario Jokic Imago0036026777h

UEFA Women's EURO 2022 Workload Journey Report

This edition of the FIFPRO PWM Flash Report focuses on players participating at EURO 2022. In addition to historical comparisons, the report describes the various types of player workload journeys, showcasing the vastly different ways players prepared for the tournament.

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Post-Tournament Blues Guide: By The Players, For The Players

Former Canada international Stephanie Labbe approached FIFPRO in February 2022 to discuss her post-tournament mental health experiences. To develop further understanding, FIFPRO brought a group of international women's players together to share their experiences around 'post-tournament blues'.

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