Taniamorales 2 (1)

Tania Morales: “It’s a great responsibility to be able to inspire so many girls

Tania Morales, a midfielder, now aged 35, is one of the great icons of women’s football in Mexico. The national team midfielder, decided to commit herself to developing women’s football from grassroots level.

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Taniamorales 2 (1)

2021 FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring-Annual Women's Report

A new FIFPRO report shows a lack of competitive matches and uneven scheduling are affecting most professional women’s footballers, and limiting the potential development of the women’s game. A sample of leading players participated in an average of fewer than 30 matches last season. The FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring report (2021, women’s football), in collaboration with KPMG Football Benchmark, covers the last three seasons and is based on a sample of 85 players including Christiane Endler, Alexia Putellas, Crystal Dunn and Sam Kerr.

2021 FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring Annual Women's Report

What Equal Playing Field?

The authentic and raw views of professional footballers about the personal impact of discrimination on their lives feature in this FIFPRO report, which pledges and seeks more urgency in supporting them.

What Equal Playing Field

Be inspired by these pioneering activists