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Football provides a meaningful form of employment for many around the world. Players can belong to the same profession, but also experience massively different conditions based on their gender, career stage, where they are from and where they play.

Player Data: Managing Technology and Innovation

The Charter of Player Data Rights provides a response to the opportunities and challenges caused by new technologies, and is guided by leading legislation on data protection and privacy rights.

Player Data Managing Technology And Innovation
Player story

Semir Bajraktarevic: How FIFPRO and FIFA’s Fund for Football Players helped recoup our unpaid salaries

At the end of the 2020/21 season, Semir Bajraktarevic's club FK Olimpik dissolved, leaving him and other players with various months of unpaid salaries. Through the FIFA Fund for Football Players, which has been set up by FIFPRO and FIFA, Bajraktarevic and his former team-mates were able to receive a large part of the monies owed.

Semir 3

Extreme Calendar Congestion: Adverse Effects on Player Health & Wellbeing

Overlapping competition schedules and elevated individual workload demands in the 2022/23 season are highlighted in a new FIFPRO report that warns of the impact on the health of professional players.

PWM 2023 Men's Report Cover