2. When Football Is Your Job

Supporting Players

Football provides a meaningful form of employment for many around the world. Players can belong to the same profession, but also experience massively different conditions based on their gender, career stage, where they are from and where they play. Regardless of these variables, issues can apply across the board – ranging from salary disputes, contract negotiations, discrimination, prejudice and employment conditions. FIFPRO is here to highlight these potential pitfalls in the game, to support players and offer solutions.

Player Data: Managing Technology And Innovation

Players, football industry stakeholders and interested third-parties have common key interests in utilising state-of-the-art science and cutting-edge technology to drive player performance.

Player Data Managing Technology And Innovation
Fair Trial and Due Process Player story

Forced out of a club: A player’s 12-month struggle for justice

This is a story about a player who joined a foreign club. After only one month, the club wanted the player to terminate his contract. When he refused, the club put him under pressure with unlawful and abusive behaviour. The player remained resilient, got what he was legally owed, and now wants to share his experiences anonymously to help other players.

Generic Player Silhouette

2022 Player and High Performance Coach Surveys

This edition of the FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring flash report focuses on the findings of two recent surveys: the FIFPRO Global Player Survey and the FIFPRO High-Performance Coach Survey.

PWM Flash Report 2022 COVER

“The job of player unions, and the industry as a whole, is to help set up support networks to help footballers when they need assistance. Players need help in their personal lives, not just their sporting lives”

— by Deputy General Secretary Simon Colosimo