Workplace Safety Report: The impact of violence towards footballers in their workplace

The report features the insights of more than two-thirds of the global FIFPRO membership and builds on previous publications focusing on other safety concerns in the workplace as well as research in domestic playing markets by player unions.

Workplace Safety Report


Black Book Eastern Europe

FIFPRO's 2012 Black Book Eastern Europe examines the critical issues in 15 countries in Eastern Europe to respond to the numerous, often shocking abuse of professional footballers in that region.



As new technologies shape the future of sports, it has become increasingly important to stay updated on emerging developments and explore how they can impact on the health, performance and careers of professional players, both on and off-the-field. The Player IQ Tech Insights Report, is a short newsletter-style mini-report which will be delivered to you quarterly over the year ahead. It presents relevant news and analysis of the latest trends and developments at the evolving intersection of sports, technology, and data.

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Discover the full programme of the 2023 FIFPRO General Assembly

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FIFPRO Asia/Oceania Strategic Framework 2023-2026

The framework provides a comprehensive vision and roadmap towards a destination: "a better world in which the people who bring football to life have the power to shape it."

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FIFPRO x IDOVEN: How To Apply The Device

Learn more about how to apply the device to your chest.

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FIFPRO x IDOVEN - Player Heart Monitoring Service Pilot - Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the Pilot Programme.

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FIFPRO x IDOVEN - Manufacturer Manual

Additional information regarding the kit.

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