Workplace Safety Report: The impact of violence towards footballers in their workplace

The report features the insights of more than two-thirds of the global FIFPRO membership and builds on previous publications focusing on other safety concerns in the workplace as well as research in domestic playing markets by player unions.

Workplace Safety Report


Post-Tournament Blues: Understanding Post-Tournament Mental Health

Post-tournament blues is the emotional drop that happens to players after a big competition, when they haven’t had the opportunity to fully process their experiences. This report looks at players' experience of post-tournament mental health.

Cover Post Tournament Mental Health

Women's EURO 2022: Workload Journey Report

In addition to historical comparisons, the report describes the various types of player workload journeys, showcasing the vastly different ways players prepared for the Women's EURO 2022.

UEFA Women’S Euro 2022 Workload Journey Report HIGHLIGHT

Decoding Online Abuse of Players 2022

The report exposes a significant threat to the mental health and well-being of today’s top athletes. It raises important questions about their workplace and what can be done to ensure they enjoy adequate protection as workers.

Decoding Online Abuse Of Players GREEN

2022 Player and High Performance Coach Surveys

This edition of the FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring flash report focuses on the findings of two recent surveys: the FIFPRO Global Player Survey and the FIFPRO High-Performance Coach Survey.

PWM Flash Report 2022 COVER

2021 Women's Player Workload Monitoring Report

This report shows a lack of competitive matches and uneven scheduling are affecting most professional women’s footballers, and limiting the potential development of the women’s game.

2021 FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring Annual Women's Report

Pathway to Maternity Regulations for Professional Footballers

FIFPRO Senior Legal Counsel Alexandra Gomez Bruinewoud initiated the discussions with FIFA and other stakeholders, and fought hard to optimise these protective regulations, to enable women to combine being a parent with their football career.

Pathway To Maternity

What Equal Playing Field? Players' Perspectives on Discrimination in Football

The authentic and raw views of professional footballers about the personal impact of discrimination on their lives feature in this FIFPRO report, which pledges and seeks more urgency in supporting them.

What Equal Playing Field

2021 Men's Player Workload Monitoring Report

The report proposes new ways to reduce this overload for players as well as issuing warnings on energy-sapping travel and shrinking off-season breaks.


2021 Abuse in Football: Lessons Learned & Calls For Action

This report summarises FIFPRO's analysis of the conditions that allow sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse to continue, shares some of our learnings, and reaffirms our commitment to stand with players to fight for their safety and wellbeing.

No More Silence ENG

Mind the Gap: Enhancement of Competencies of Professional Players

Some 67 percent of professional footballers are not sure what they will do when they stop playing, according to a FIFPRO survey.

Mind The Gap Report 3

Mind The Gap: Research Report Two

FIFPRO's 2020 Mind the Gap proposes a framework for unions to train so-called Player Development Managers (PDMs) to provide support to athletes.


Mind The Gap: Research Report One

FIFPRO's 2019 Mind the Gap outlines the most relevant literature related to professional players and the support provided to them, the role of the PDM as well as some good practices in the area.