2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Workload Journey Report

The report underlines how the domestic and international calendars in the women’s game remain uneven and fragmented, leaving many players in the countries where football is less developed forced to move abroad to improve, or face the prospect of not having enough matches to reach their potential.

Women's PWM Report WWC 2023


2021 Flash Report: Player Workload & Impact During Emergency Calendar

The report provides a scientific mid-season analysis on player workload and match scheduling, covering a representative group of 85 women's footballers across top leagues and national team competitions.


Ongoing Impacts of Covid-19: Women's Football

FIFPRO survey shows the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on women’s professional football based on data collected from national player unions in 62 different countries from July through October.

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Covid-19: Recovery & Resilience

FIFPRO's Covid-19 Recovery & Resilience provides a set of recommendations to rebuild and strengthen the professional football industry during the pandemic, at the same time as protecting jobs, careers and the wellbeing of players.

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Playing Our Part: Impact of Footballers During Covid-19

FIFPRO’s Playing our Part highlights the initiatives taken by professional footballers and their unions during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Raising Our Game: 2020 Women's Football Report

FIFPRO’s Raising our Game is a forward-thinking report which charts the economic evolution of the game and puts players at the heart of the planned development and rebuilding of the sport after the coronavirus pandemic.

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At The Limit: Player Workload in Elite Professional Men's Football

At The Limit makes a series of key recommendations to protect the health of players, and make sure they can perform at their peak.


2017 FIFPRO Women's Global Employment Report

FIFPRO’s Women's 2017 Global Employment report is the first global study of working conditions in women’s football, surveying nearly over 3,500 players in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.


2016 FIFPRO Men's Global Employment Report

FIFPRO’s Men's 2016 Global Employment report consists of the most comprehensive and far-reaching survey of its kind, analysing the labour conditions of professional players in the world’s most popular team sport.


Black Book Eastern Europe

FIFPRO's 2012 Black Book Eastern Europe examines the critical issues in 15 countries in Eastern Europe to respond to the numerous, often shocking abuse of professional footballers in that region.


FIFPRO x IDOVEN: How To Apply The Device

Learn more about how to apply the device to your chest.

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FIFPRO x IDOVEN - Player Heart Monitoring Service Pilot - Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the Pilot Programme.

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FIFPRO x IDOVEN - Manufacturer Manual

Additional information regarding the kit.

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