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Global Player Council

Without the players, there's no game

FIFPRO's Global Player Council strengthens the role of professional footballers in shaping their industry at an international level, reinforcing the mandate of FIFPRO and its affiliated national player associations to protect the interests of players around the world and safeguard their rights. Active players comment on, discuss and influence global regulations, trends and the strategic development of football worldwide. It is also the opportunity for council members to drive initiatives linked to player health and personal development, among other matters off the pitch

What you should know

A platform for players

The Global Player Council is a platform for players from all areas of the game, ensuring that viewpoints from both men's and women's football and different leagues from around the world are heard.

Strengthening the position of players

When decisions are being made that affect their livelihoods, professional footballer players deserve a forum to have their concerns and questions addressed. The Global Player Council is a vehicle for players to raise any issues they have.

Voicing issues on a global scale

While national player unions are the key driver of the collective voice of footballers domestically, the council strengthens the capacity to address cross-border issues as globalisation rapidly influences football, such as fixture schedules and recommended rest periods.

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The making of the Global Player Council

The season is over, or almost over.

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The making of the Global Player Council (Part 2)

On the eve of the FIFA Women’s World Cup final in Lyon, a group of professional women players have assembled on the outskirts of the French city.

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