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Match-fixing: Recognise, Resist, Report

Anti-Match-Fixing Explainer

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How can you recognise a match-fixing approach and how should you react?

To make professional footballers more aware, FIFPRO organized an educational campaign with FIFA to help protect the integrity of football and of all its actors: Say No To Match-Fixing.

Paramount for this campaign is the proper reaction of players when confronted with any match-fixing approach: Recognise, Resist, Report.



A match-fixer is targeting people who are able to directly influence the match. The fixer can approach you in various ways. For example, he can act very friendly and directly or indirectly offer you gifts or money or buy you other things, including dinners. The fixer can also act less friendly by using implied threats or extortion.



Without integrity, the game of football will lose its credibility, its fans, its sponsors: match-fixing destroys football. Protect the game and resist if you are approached to fix a match. If you (help) fix a match, you risk a worldwide lifetime ban from football, criminal prosecution and a prison sentence.



Reporting approaches for match-fixing will protect you, your family and the game of football. It’s vital that you report any suspicion or corrupt behaviour. Report to someone you trust and who is capable of doing something: your coach, your players’ union, an integrity officer, FIFA security of the local police.

Most FIFPRO player unions have staff trained by Interpol in how to deal with match-fixing reports.

Should there be any threat to your own or another person’s life or safety, then please inform police authorities immediately.