2.5.4. Match Fixing


Match-fixing has no place in football

FIFPRO is dedicated to identifying and eradicating all examples of match-fixing from the game and encourages players to be active in this process. Any manipulation of this kind undermines the ethics and integrity of the sport, as well as risking football’s commercial value.

What you should know

There are many forms of match-fixing

It is not just the final result that can be influenced, but individual occurrences within the game, such as corners, or yellow cards. Anyone involved in a match can be susceptible – from players to referees – and those who earn less are particularly vulnerable, as it can be seen as a tempting way to earn more money.

A general approach is not an apporiate solution

Players cannot be unjustly suspected, as this will have a negative impact on their working environment. However, FIFPRO’s Red Button app initiative allows players to anonymously report suspicious behaviour around this topic.

Players’ safety is paramount

Players need to be educated on how to avoid and safely report any incidences of match-fixing. While a framework for dealing with this issue has been established, we need to improve communication for this to work effectively.

Anti-Match-Fixing Explainer

The Red Button app explained

FIFPRO and its member unions are distributing the Red Button app to professional footballers to protect their careers and support the fight against match-fixing.

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