FIFPRO Statement: Mouhoub Nait Merabet and CS Sfaxien


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FIFPRO is appalled by Tunisian football club CS Sfaxien’s reckless and irresponsible behaviour towards former player Mouhoub Nait Merabet.

Nait Merabet won a case against CS Sfaxien at the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) following abusive behaviour by the club.

The decision became final and binding in January 2022, yet the club decided not to abide by the decision and, as a result, was given a transfer ban by FIFA.

In recent weeks, CS Sfaxien has harassed Nait Merabet, trying to force him to lift the transfer ban. This pressure has escalated over the last few days with CS Sfaxien orchestrating a smear campaign.

As a consequence of the club's fallacious public statements, Nait Merabet and his wife have become the victim of severe online abuse.

The transfer ban currently imposed by FIFA on CS Sfaxien is the result of the club's own turpitude. The ban will be lifted once the club has complied with the FIFA DRC and CAS decisions.

FIFPRO requests CS Sfaxien to immediately cease spreading rumours and lies and to respect Nait Merabet's privacy and integrity.