Botswana union support its players with food

COVID-19 News

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Already before the pandemic, some clubs did not regularly pay players their salaries.

The situation turned worse during the lockdown, as seven clubs were “really struggling”, not paying their players up to 6 months of their salaries and various footballers facing eviction from their house. According to the Footballers Union of Botswana -FUB General Secretary Kgosana Masaseng. In this context, the Union supported players with food. Indeed, the FUB distributed food to players at seven clubs and to 50 female players as well. Furthermore, the FUB also turned to the government for help. Thanks to this request, the government established a relief fund for players.

Many players had difficulties doing groceries, as people were only allowed to leave their house with a special permit. “They were running out of everything, so players asked for food hampers. They didn’t want any money”, said Masaseng. “We gave them food supplies for two months.”