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Japanese footballers help health authorities

COVID-19 News

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Case 2
Five football players with two second-division clubs in Japan have donated medical supplies to regional health authorities to help fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic that has claimed more than 900 lives in the country.

Kentaro Oi and Hiroki Yamada, who play for Jubilo Iwata, gave 1,000 liters of antiseptic solution to Fujieda prefecture: “Let’s support each other and help each other to overcome this situation”, Hiroki said. For their part, Takanori Maeno, Daiki Nishioka and Kentaro Moriya, who are with Ehime FC, donated face masks to their local prefecture with the same purpose.

In addition, a series of players from other clubs in Japan’s football leagues have promoted the importance of hygiene to reduce the risk of infection, posting social media videos of them singing while washing their hands for 30 seconds.