Fifpro Concussion Awareness ENGLISH 2500

Changing the Rules

Concussion Management Statement

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Fifpro Concussion Awareness ENGLISH 2500
FIFPRO has campaigned since 2013 to improve football's concussion regulations.

And now football stakeholders from UEFA to FIFA and rules-maker IFAB are coming around to our point of view.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) agreed to look at our request to introduce new regulations.

We want the allotted time to review each player with a possible concussion to be extended to 10 minutes (from three minutes) with a temporary substitute available for this review to take place without being rushed.

So that the correct decision is made, without influence from coaching staff, we also want an independent doctor to take part in this review.

“We welcome the growing momentum in football to improve concussion protocol”

— by Dr. Vincent Gouttebarge, FIFPRO Chief Medical Officer