2.1.3. Employment Status

Employment Status

Players deserve the same rights as any other employee

Although it is often viewed as a dream profession, being a footballer has many hurdles. Most full-time players around the world earn modest wages that are in line with the average salary in their country of work.

What you should know

The global football employment market is fragile

Broadly speaking, footballers are effectively full-time employees. But in many countries, they are treated as self-employed. While most players in the EU are considered full-time workers, issues still exist in some member states as players are considered self-employed. On a global scale, the situation is even worse.

Protecting the employment status of players is fundamental

FIFPRO and player unions will continue to identify actions to build agreements and enforce labor laws to protect players and their status as workers.

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Uruguayan women's players unite in historic demand for improvements

Monday 3 July 2023 was a turning point in the history of Uruguayan women's football: around 300 players demonstrated at the headquarters of the MUFP and signed a proclamation demanding better working conditions.

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Player story

Denis Leiva: “I’m not allowed to play because of an arbitrary and unconstitutional rule”

Denis Leiva has 18 years' experience playing in different levels of the Guatemalan football pyramid. He is one of those affected by the age limit imposed by the national federation.

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