Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Economic Growth in Football

Players should benefit from the game's growth

FIFPRO strives to ensure that the sport develops with the players best interests in mind, and that growth of the game is extended across the whole industry – not just at the very top levels. The industry expansion has largely focused on the men’s game, and it is only in very recent years that women’s football has started to be acknowledged as an economic opportunity.

What you should know

Growth of the game should not be limited to commercial profit

We prioritise professionalism, financial sustainability, and development for the players. For women’s football this allows the game to grow in a fair and equal manner; for the men’s game it involves focusing on the areas of the industry which are still financially fragile.

FIFPRO is constantly investigating the changing state of the football employment market

This includes collecting, analysing, and comparing a huge range of data concerning the economic and employment situations across the world. This is used to produce reports to inform how players are affected by the market, at a global, continental, and national level.

There is a current need to focus on smaller markets and lower leagues

Football’s increasing commercial growth calls for careful governance of the game going forward to ensure that commercially profitable leagues and ventures are not prioritised over smaller markets. Direct support of lower leagues will ensure the best employment opportunities for players and develop the game in a more financially balanced manner.

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