The High-Performance Advisory Network

FIFPRO's High-Performance Advisory Network (HPAN) establishes a dedicated platform for elite performance coaches to drive discussion and provide expert feedback on priority topics including player workload and performance technology.

What You Should Know


To provide an independent and complementary resource to ongoing player union activities on performance issues.


To deliver thought-leadership, inform player-centric policy development and enhance existing evidence-based research and expertise.


Comprised of 12 expert practitioners operating in high-performance roles across elite sport. Members are spread regionally and based across the FIFPRO Divisions. All have extensive experience working in elite-level football. The group composition will be evaluated periodically and remains open to the future integration of additional experts.


FIFPRO launches elite performance forum to advance strategic priorities on player performance

The Player IQ High-Performance Advisory Network (HPAN) will provide an independent and complementary resource to ongoing player union activities on performance issues. It will also inform player-centric policy development, and enhance existing evidence-based research and medical expertise.


Meet HPAN's Chairperson

Dr Darren Burgess

Darren is currently the High-Performance Manager at Adelaide Football Club. He is also the Chair of the FIFPRO HPAN, having acted as a Senior Advisor on Player Workload, Health & Performance over recent seasons. Darren’s prior experience includes senior performance roles at Arsenal, Liverpool, the Australian Men’s National Team and Melbourne AFL. He has also spent time lecturing in Exercise Science at Australian Catholic University and holds a PhD in the movement analysis of AFL and soccer players.


“The creation of the Advisory Network represents an advancement in enhancing our player-focused capabilities and addressing key industry challenges.”

— by Michael Leahy, Manager, Strategy & Intelligence, Men’s Football & Player IQ

Managing player workload – why football must learn from other sports

The voice of professional footballers is ignored: they have little or no say in the decisions that affect every aspect of their working lives. And that comes with a heavy price, as Dr. Darren Burgess explains.

Darren Burgess FIFPRO Foresight