1.1.2. Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Football is for everyone

FIFPRO recognises that many players are subjected to negative experiences and face obstacles in their careers purely because of personal characteristics (such as race, religion or sexuality). Football’s culture is heavily influenced by the social and political trends of the world, which demands a proactive approach to creating a diverse environment – in which all players feel equal and included. All groups within the football industry – from governing bodies through to spectators – have a collaborative responsibility to enforce a zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination or hate speech.

What you should know

To champion equality, we must first recognise the existence of systematic discrimination

It is not enough just to have a diverse working environment, we must strive for inclusion for all those within it. We should not deny differences, but rather embrace them, and proactively ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities.

A more inclusive football industry is a core priority for FIFPRO

Through discussions with our players, unions, and social experts – FIFPRO has identified key areas in which change is immediately required in order to build an inclusive environment which is free from discrimination.

Social structures in sport have a lot of work to do

Lack of consistent effort to make improvements and accountability for failures are huge obstacles in obtaining a diverse, equal, and inclusive environment. This is not a one-time fix, but rather an issue that demands both proactive and reactive responses that consider the ever shifting social and cultural contexts of football.

1.1.2. Diversity And Inclusion (2)

““It is crucial that both our board – and executives across professional football – can truly identify with and represent all players.””

— by Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, General Secretary FIFPRO
Inclusion Statement

Diversity and inclusion at the heart of statutory reforms

FIFPRO has taken the first of a series of important steps towards a more progressive vision for the football industry by adopting new statutory commitments.

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