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How to seek compensation after your club's bankruptcy

FIFA Fund for Football Players Explainer

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FIFPRO Laces Cl 2500
FIFA and FIFPRO have set up a fund to provide financial support to professional footballers who have no possibility of retrieving unpaid wages from a club.

If you have been unable to get money owed to you through courts or tribunals can apply to benefit from the fund.

The fund is available to compensate players with cases dating back to 2015.

Players who believe they are eligible to benefit from the Player Protection Fund can contact FIFPRO at: [email protected]

You should show the absolute impossibility to recover you salary from a club following a decision of a judicial body or court.

In your application for compensation, you should provide all documentation and evidence in your possession, such as a copy of the relevant employment contract, the court decision, a summary of your situation and information on the status of your former club. Should we need further information, FIFPRO will contact you.

The decision to grant or reject your applications will in principle be made once a year by a committee composed of FIFA and FIFPRO representatives.