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Heart Health

The importance of automated external defibrillators

FIFPRO and its national members remain devoted to elevating the quality of minimum medical requirements across competitions and educating players adequately on the recognition of sudden cardiac arrest. A close eye will be kept on the latest technical developments in medical science which could improve the protection of player health and safety in critical situations.

What you should know

Education about symptoms and signs of sudden cardiac arrest and resuscitation (CPR)

This is not only among players but also among other people working in football.

The presence of an automated external defibrillator is essential

Within any sporting environment, it is essential that an automated external defibrillator is available, and that there is somebody who is regularly trained to use it properly. Fast use of an automated external defibrillator can increase survival rates by up to 70 percent.

Quality of minimum medical requirements and pre-competition medical assessments is inconsistent

Often, this is related to the financial resources of clubs, leagues and football associations, which can vary massively within professional football.

Player story

Rikke Sevecke: "We can’t take chances with players’ health – there needs to be a change"

Rikke Sevecke, 27, announced her retirement from football in January 2024 due to a heart condition detected in October 2023. The former Brondby, Everton and Portland Thorns defender, who earned over 50 senior appearances for Denmark, highlights the need for better protections among women's footballers when it comes to monitoring heart health.

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FIFPRO and IDOVEN partnership sees unions and players equipped with heart monitoring resource

FIFPRO and IDOVEN have launched a strategic partnership to improve player health safeguards against cardiac arrest and other heart-related risks.