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FIFPRO Ball 2500
Both during and after a career in professional football, players are likely to struggle with their health. Therefore, FIFPRO starts with a unique health surveillance programme in order to monitor the health (mental, joints, brain, heart) of male and female professional footballers over their pre- and post-retirement years (in total 10 years).

You can find further information about FIFPRO health surveillance programme in the following video:

We are looking for:

Male professional footballers

Age: 24 - 30 years

Fluent in English or French

Female professional footballers

Age: 22 – 28 years

Fluent in English or French



If you want to receive more information about FIFPRO health surveillance programme, please contact Dr. Gouttebarge ([email protected]; +31621547499).

Dr. Gouttebarge is a former professional footballer (France & The Netherlands) who is nowadays working as Chief Medical Officer at FIFPRO and Professor at Amsterdam UMC.

“We investigate the short- and long-term impact of professional football on player health so we can protect them and improve regulations”

— by Dr. Vincent Gouttebarge, FIFPRO Chief Medical Officer