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Cooperation between different parties of the football industry

COVID-19 Statement

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In the Netherlands, the players’ union and the association of clubs agreed in May 2020 upon a package of measures for professional football.

The package included a detailed recommendation on a reduction of salaries for a limited period of time which both the players’ union as well as the association of clubs deemed reasonable but necessary in light of the COVID-19 crisis. The reduction of salaries was guided by the principle that the strongest should carry the heaviest burden. Up until a certain amount no reduction would be recommended. After the pre-fixed amount that would not be reduced, the higher the salary, the higher the percentage within a range from 5% up to a maximum of 20%.

Clubs were also strongly urged that expenses saved should not be used for hiring new players. Considering it was merely a recommendation, the players and clubs still needed to individually agree on a reduction of salaries. Yet, the vast majority of players and clubs followed the recommendation of the social partners in the Netherlands, the players therewith having substantially assisted the clubs during this crisis. At the same time, the players’ union and the association of clubs decided to also extend the collective bargaining agreement for another 3 years, exemplifying the excellent cooperation on national level.