Statement: André Onana

Anti-Doping Statement

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FIFPRO strongly believes the one-year sanction imposed on André Onana is excessive and disproportionate.

FIFPRO cannot accept a system in which football players shown to have no intention of cheating continue to be stopped from practicing their profession for a prolonged period of time. Such sanctions not only affect their career but also their well-being.

FIFPRO has previously called for a new approach to anti-doping regulations so that employee and employer organizations have more influence in how these rules apply to professional football.

The case of André Onana, among others that we are aware of in different countries, emphasize the need to restructure regulations to ensure players that did not intend to cheat are not prevented from practicing their profession for extended periods of time. Their careers are often short and fragile. In some cases, a one-year ban from football can be career-ending.

Furthermore, the notion that the player is not even allowed to train with the rest of the team is utterly incomprehensible. The rules need to urgently retract this additional injustice, which has no added value whatsoever and leads to the unnecessary isolation of a young professional football player.