Advice on how you should deal with agents

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As a professional footballer, you should never pay an intermediary before signing a contract with a club.

FIFPRO frequently receives complaints from players who were cheated by criminal people pretending to be agents or intermediaries, sometimes telling that they are working for a club.

These persons approach players through social media and promise them to arrange a trial or a contract on the condition that players first pay a “fee” or a “deposit”.

However, after being paid, they stop all communication with the players and don't arrange the promised trial or contract.

Unfortunately too many players end up paying money for nothing.

One player told us his family sold it's car, so he could pay a $4,500 “fee”. After paying, his “agent” never reacted again and the player ended up stranded in another African country without money to return home.

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Another player travelled from Africa to South Korea, where his “agent” put him in a two-person motel room with five other players and told them two days later that he could not arrange any trial with a football club. However, he did have a factory where the players could work at…

These are just two examples. Other players share their experiences in another article on this website.

When dealing with an agent, we strongly advise you to remember the following:

  • Check if the agent is registered with the football association
  • Only work with an agent you have seen and spoken with
  • Never pay an agent before signing a contract with a club
  • Never sign an agreement with an agent without first seeking legal advice
  • Check if the club knows that you are coming for a trial or to sign a contract, or ask if the club knows the agent.

“If you have questions or doubts about a transfer, a trial or an agent, please contact your local player union or FIFPRO”

FIFPRO is working on a database with unreliable agents and is asking players with similar experiences to contact us via [email protected].