Late Pay 2500

Warning: late pay is common in some countries

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Late Pay 2500
Most complaints by players are when clubs fail to pay them, or end a contract early.

The FIFPRO Global Employment Report in 2016 found that 41 percent of players had been paid late in the previous two seasons.

In some countries the problem of late pay is endemic.

Partizan Belgrade Red Star Belgrade
A derby match in Belgrade, in the Serbian SuperLiga

“We agreed to delay our bonus payments but when that day comes they will delay it again. I’m not hopeful of receiving that money”

— by Player, aged 26, Serbia.

Since the report was published, FIFPRO has issued warnings about several countries because of a high risk players will not be paid in line with their contract terms.

This applies to the following leagues:

  • Turkey
  • Serbia
  • Romania

Sometimes clubs in these and other countries end player contracts without any justification.

If a club ends your contract early, contact your player association for advice.

In other countries, the situation is much better.

San Jose Earthquakes Colorado Rapids
A Major League Soccer match between San Jose Earthquakes and Colorado Rapids

“We always get paid on time. I was $200 down for the first two months of the season – something I didn’t even realize – and the union went through the figures and made sure it was paid”

— by Player, aged 24, Colorado Rapids, U.S.

Around the world, the situation changes from club to club, and season to season.

Before joining a club, ask FIFPRO or the local player association to help you check out the background of the club and national league.