Romanian club FC Astra pressurizes its players with salary arrears

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Romanian top division club FC Astra Giurgu told their players that they will get their salary arrears of January and February if they agree with a salary reduction of 50 percent for a 9-month period as from January until September 2020.

The players have not been paid for the last 3 months (January, February and March), thus long before the COVID-19 crisis started.

FIFPRO considers it both illegal and immoral for FC Astra Giurgu to offer its players a salary reduction for a 9-month period whilst offering the payment of half of the already outstanding salaries. This abuse can and will not be tolerated.

The situation involving FC Astra Giurgu follows other reports coming from Romania, where some clubs decided to put their “unwanted” players on temporary unemployment.

Romanian players union AFAN is supporting the players in challenging these measures, yet this has been made impossible by the decision of the Romanian Football Federation to temporarily close their dispute resolution tribunal.

FIFPRO and AFAN will continue to support the players in Romania.