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Raising Our Game in Argentina: Turning women's league pro

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Boca River Women
Argentine player union Futbolistas Argentinos Agremiados is bringing more than 120 women footballers into a new era of professionalization in the South American country that has won the FIFA Men’s World Cup twice.

This is the first in a five-part ‘Raising Our Game’ series on how player unions are helping to advance women’s football around the world

The 16-team top league including Boca Juniors, River Plate and Independiente turned professional last year following a collaboration agreement between the national football federation and Agremiados. In another boost, the national women’s team qualified for last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Stella Juncos, lawyer for Argentine player union Agremiados

Agremiados, which has a fully-equipped medical facility in Buenos Aires, has given all players a medical check-up and is providing advice about their contracts that give them the same employment rights as male players, Stella Juncos, a lawyer for the player union, said.

“The conditions of women players have improved significantly,” Juncos said. “Now young girls who play football have idols who are women. They don’t want to be like Messi, they want to be like players in the women’s national team.”

To start the professional league, the federation agreed to contribute 120,000 pesos ($1,600) per month to each of the 16 women’s clubs, allowing them to pay a minimum salary to a minimum of eight players per squad.

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