2.6.1 Men's Global Employment Market

Global Employment Market for Men's Football

Helping build a fairer game

The availability of good quality jobs for professional players is as disproportionate as the distribution of wealth throughout the game. While some countries are undoubtedly richer than others in this regard, the divide is not merely geographical, and huge discrepancies can be seen between players of the same league, and even the same club. FIFPRO is committed to creating as many high-quality jobs for footballers as possible, and works with governing bodies and industry representatives from around the world to consistently improve the global employment market for men’s football.

What you should know

Football isn’t always the financially lucrative career it appears to be

The general public assume that the more famous players in the men’s game are a reflection of average earnings, but actually these salaries are rare, and tend to only be available at an elite European level. The vast majority of players are faced with financial and contractual insecurities, and many in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe are at a high risk of professional and personal abuse.

FIFPRO is working to develop a secure employment market for all players

This involves working with organisations around the world to find solutions to global employment issues for players. Achieving more secure pay and better conditions for players will contribute to the development of the football industry as a whole - at both domestic and international level.

Three core steps to achieving a stable employment market

First, concrete protection for players in more vulnerable markets; second, more player representation within at executive levels to ensure better employment conditions; and finally, a commitment for better quality jobs from all global bodies.


Men's Global employment report

FIFPRO’s Men's 2016 Global Employment report consists of the most comprehensive and far-reaching survey of its kind, analysing the labour conditions of professional players in the world’s most popular team sport.