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Floodlights 2
The platform collects match schedule and workload data of 350 professional football players from across the globe.
Global player and competitions sample

Specifically, FIFPRO PWM integrates match information and workload starting from the 2018/2019 season data from:

  • Domestic and international competitions;
  • Official club and national team matches;
  • 85 female professional football players from 6 Confederations and 6 domestic leagues;
  • 265 male professional football players from 6 Confederations and 43 domestic leagues.

Scientific workload standards

The platform consists of the following three main indicators:

Match workload

Match schedule, minutes played and match status (starting line-up, substitutions or bench);


Rest & recovery

Rest time between matches, off-season break and in-season break;

Travel log

Travel distance covered for national team or away club matches and travel times.

Analysis & Comparisons

The tool allows for several levels of analysis; in particular:

  • Player Comparison: enables comparisons between multiple players across all indicators;
  • Player Analysis: in-depth analysis of each indicator per player with key information in short summary formats;
  • Competition-level Analysis: compares workload and match schedule averages at league level;
  • Season-by-Season Analysis: compares workload between different football seasons.

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