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For Jodie respect is more important than a goal

England’s Jodie Coombe is the first winner of this year’s FIFPro Fair Play award at the Homeless Wor... Read more

Published: 11 July 2016

Fair Play beats winning at Homeless World Cup

Respect fair play. That is the most important message FIFPro will send out to all participants at th... Read more

Published: 05 July 2016

An award for doing the right thing

Richard did what he felt he should do: helping someone in need of an extra hand. ... Read more

Published: 05 July 2016

Changing their lives through football

In a video 4 players tell how they changed their lives with help of Street Soccer Scotland ... Read more

Published: 05 July 2016

Extreme heat: players reveal wounds

Players in Guatemala are sharing photos of their bloody feet, to demand measures to protect them fro... Read more

Published: 23 June 2016

Important first win for Kenyan players' union

Eight Kenyan footballers who were illegally dismissed must receive their salary arrears and a financ... Read more

Published: 21 June 2016

50 years FIFPro

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