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Four key learnings from FIFPRO’s Women’s World Cup player survey

The global players’ union surveyed 260 internationals from 26 teams after Australia-New Zealand 2023, with every continent represented, to hear their feedback on their Women’s World Cup experience and a range of player-facing topics, including compensation, conditions, and workload. FIFPRO highlights four core learnings from the player survey.

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Bonmati Earps

FIFPRO Merit Awards: Recognising the contributions of player

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Workload Journey Report

The report underlines how the domestic and international calendars in the women’s game remain uneven and fragmented, leaving many players in the countries where football is less developed forced to move abroad to improve, or face the prospect of not having enough matches to reach their potential.

Women's PWM Report WWC 2023

Global Player Council: A year of driving positive change in the football industry

FIFPRO’s Global Player Council (GPC) is a platform for active players with international experience that strengthens the role of professional footballers in shaping their industry.

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Extreme Calendar Congestion: Adverse Effects on Player Health & Wellbeing

Overlapping competition schedules and elevated individual workload demands in the 2022/23 season are highlighted in a new FIFPRO report that warns of the impact on the health of professional players.

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Global Player Council: The voice of the players


Eight reasons to join a union

Joining a player union unlocks many benefits for professional footballers. Through the power of the collective via FIFPRO’s 66 member unions, men’s and women’s players around the world are able to stand together with one common voice – supporting each other to push for positive change in their industry.

Reasons To Join A Union

Community Champions: Players making a difference

Be inspired by these pioneering activists