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All workers have the right to privacy – and players need a plan to protect it

Aída Ponce Del Castillo highlights why football needs to address industry developments driven by new technology and advances in data-capture that enable the rapid and large collection of sensitive player data in the working environment.

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Aida Ponce Del Castillo 2

Player IQ Tech: Managing Technology and Innovation at the Workplace

Player Data: Managing Technology and Innovation

The Charter of Player Data Rights provides a response to the opportunities and challenges caused by new technologies, and is guided by leading legislation on data protection and privacy rights.

Player Data Managing Technology And Innovation
Foundations of Work News

Eight reasons to join a union

Joining a player union unlocks many benefits for professional footballers. Through the power of the collective via FIFPRO’s 66 member unions, men’s and women’s players around the world are able to stand together with one common voice – supporting each other to push for positive change in their industry.

Reasons To Join A Union

Player Workload Monitoring Tool

FIFA World Cup 2022: Post-Tournament Review and Player Survey

This latest report combines key data about teams and players with a survey of 64 footballers who played at the FIFA World Cup 2022 to gauge their reaction to the unprecedented mental and physical demands of the current season.

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Player Workload News

New data reveals workload and travel demands of elite women’s players

The data can be accessed via FIFPRO and Football Benchmark’s Player Workload Monitoring, a digital platform tracking the health and workload status of professional footballers around the world.

Moeka Minami–Valentina Giacinti

Global Player Council: A platform for players

World 11 Player story

Mapi Leon: "The most difficult thing to change is certain people’s minds"

The Barcelona defender reflects on the growth of women's football, the challenge of breaking down barriers, and being voted into the FIFA FIFPRO Women's World 11 for the first time.

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2022 Player and High Performance Coach Surveys

This edition of the FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring flash report focuses on the findings of two recent surveys: the FIFPRO Global Player Survey and the FIFPRO High-Performance Coach Survey.

PWM Flash Report 2022 COVER

#ShineALight: Issues that matter to players

World 11 Player story

Christiane Endler: "Women's football has united players from different countries in the same fight"

Chile and Lyon goalkeeper Christiane Endler talks to FIFPRO about the importance of player unions, collective action on professionalisation of the Women’s World Cup, being voted into the World 11 for a third successive time, and more.

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