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FIFPro published the 2017 FIFPro Global Employment Report on working conditions in professional women’s football on 15 December 2017.Womens 2017 survey cover 350 002

The 41 pages of findings, a summary of a longer report by the University of Manchester, are based on a survey of 3,500 women footballers playing at an elite level.

The footballers surveyed play for their national team or in the first division of a national championship including the most-developed leagues in England, France, Germany, Sweden and the USA.

The report covers pay, tournament prize money, education, childcare, discrimination and match-fixing.

FIFPro thanks all of the footballers who took part in the survey.

“The data in this report can serve as a platform for FIFPro to pursue change together with football stakeholders,” Theo van Seggelen, FIFPro General Secretary, and Caroline Jonsson, chair of the FIFPro Women’s Football Committee, write in the introduction.

“The bottom line is that we must pave the way for decent and secure jobs for women as professional footballers.

“This career path for women is only now becoming a viable option. The fact that this opportunity has arrived so late is unacceptable. It shows how football has fallen far behind other sectors of society when it comes to gender equality.”

To read the report, please click on the image.