2.5.3 Racism And Discrimination

Racism and Discrimination

The fight against discrimination is everyone’s

FIFPRO fights not only to oppose openly discriminatory behaviour but also to create awareness that these prejudices are engrained into society and must be addressed. We strongly denounce any form of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or sexuality. While the global employment market allows for vastly improved diversity within the football industry, black and other minority ethnic players are still significantly underrepresented – and discrimination remains an issue, even in multicultural playing environments.

What you should know

Discrimination comes in many forms

Whether it is online abuse from fans, hate speech during matches, or a “glass ceiling” that stands in the way of career progression – all are present, and entirely unacceptable, in the football industry.

FIFPRO supports those who speak out against discrimination

However, this honesty comes with risks, and players who exercise this right to free speech should be both encouraged and protected at international and domestic level.

The responsibility of putting a stop to discrimination does not lie with the victims

Whilst players with direct experience of abuse can offer a unique and eye-opening perspective, those around them must take action to address it. A united front is one of the most effective vehicles for social change, and the team nature of football should give us a natural ability to stand together, at every level, and speak out.

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