2019 W11 Men 2500

The 2021 FIFA FIFPRO World 11: the players are ready to vote

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2019 W11 Men 2500
FIFA and FIFPRO today launch the vote for the 2020/2021 World 11s. Male and female professional footballers across the globe can vote for the players who according to them have been the most outstanding performers of last season.

The World 11 is all about the players’ voice. They know what it takes to be a top performer in this game and are therefore in the best position to judge the talents and strengths of their peers.

That’s what makes the World 11 a truly unique accolade, as it is the only global award that is decided by players only.

Any suggestion that either FIFPRO or FIFA decides who will be in the World 11 is incorrect. The players decide!

Starting this Monday, August 9th, professional footballers worldwide can vote using a digital platform. FIFPRO and the player unions are distributing links to all players to participate in this year’s election.

2019 W11 Women 1100

We ask the players to select the three footballers who they think have been the best in their position during the previous season. There are four categories: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards.

The players are free to choose any of their peers. Although the voting tool contains a guidance list with approximately 250 player names, players are also able to add other names if they are not mentioned on that list.

The players can vote up until 12 September.

FIFPRO has organised the vote for the World 11 since 2005. First for male players only, and since 2015 also for women players.

Approximately 30,000 male and female footballers participated in each of the previous elections.

Click here to read more about the voting procedures.