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FIFPRO Statement: CJEU's European Super League Case


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FIFPRO has taken note of the opinion and conclusion of the General Advocate of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in the case C-333/21 European Super League.

Player unions in Europe welcome the findings regarding the protection of the pyramidal club competitions framework based on openness and sporting merit, especially concerning the importance of domestic leagues, which represent the employment markets of thousands of players. 

At the same time, FIFPRO underlines further findings of the General Advocate including that players should not be party to sanctions on actions and decisions they have not been involved in or party to. 

Finally, the reference made by the General Advocate to the special responsibilities of monopolistic competition organisers UEFA and FIFA are critical to ongoing discussions for reforms in professional football. 

Specifically, it is vital that the protection of the players' fundamental labour and social partner rights are a cornerstone of the governance of professional football, through collective representation in any such reform or current structure.