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About the FIFPro Online Academy

FIFPro – in collaboration with FIFPro UCN Denmark (University College Northern Denmark) – launched the FIFPro Online Academy in September 2011.

Cover 300Each year, a Sport Management bachelor degree programme starts for professional players from the European Union with a number of places also reserved for other professional athletes.

The online concept gives sportsmen and sportswomen the chance to receive a BA-degree in 'Sport Management' next to their active sports career. The number of new participants grows each year and the ambition is to increase the number of students annually.

The purpose of the FIFPro Online Academy is to ensure that young footballers/athletes in particular have opportunities to access training and education in vocational areas to help them gain employment at the end of their sporting careers.

Another aspect is that the FIFPro Online Academy encourages beneficiaries taking part in community work/internships either during or at the end of their sporting careers. This could involve them working with sports organisations, football clubs or organisations associated with sport. The community work/internships provides the beneficiaries with the necessary practical experiences to enable them to gain employment opportunities.

UCN records the lectures given at the university for the fulltime 'Sport Management' program and puts them online after the lectures are given.

The students of the FIFPro Online Academy can follow the lectures at a moment which suits them best. This could either be at home, but also at trainings camp or anywhere else.

All you need is a laptop with an internet connection,

a headset and a webcam

All exercises and learning activities are also available online. After students send their exercises and/or learning activities in, they will receive their grade (and comments) on their private page.

The course is related to the sports industry and examples are all taken from the sports business.

Each student will have his or her own tutor to keep a close eye on the student's study progress and to motivate the student when needed. Students can always contact their tutor with any questions.

The programme which the students of the FIFPro Online Academy follow is exact the same as the programme which the students follow 'live' at the university.


Receive a BA-degree in Sport Management

The educational Sport Management programme runs over 7 semesters.
The 7 semesters will take you approximately 3,5 years to finish before you receive your BA degree in Sport Management. We build in flexibility to cover requested extensions in exceptional circumstances.

All students have to complete an internship in semester 3 and semester 7 (both 13 weeks).

The FIFPro Online Academy is working with UCN to build up a network of clubs and sports organizations for student internships. Maybe even your own club will give you the opportunity to do your internship there.



All courses are given in English. To make sure your level of English is good enough to follow the courses, we will give you an English test. If your English needs to be improved, we will offer you a summer course in English.

Exams will be taken by Skype, in the virtual class or at a university near your home.

Thanks to these solutions there is almost no travelling involved in the Sport Management programme at the FIFPro Online Academy.

All you need to follow courses in the FIFPro Online Academy virtual classroom is a laptop with an internet connection, a headset and a webcam!



The admission fee is €600, but the student will get a €300 refund if he or she successfully passes the first semester.

The costs for books will be around €200 per semester (except for semesters 3 & 7 when you do your internship).