Kramer Concussion HH 2500

Amélioration de la gestion des commotions cérébrales dans le football européen

Gestion des Commotions Cérébrales Déclaration

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Kramer Concussion HH 2500

Between us, we have agreed to:

  • Implement the International Consensus Statement on Concussions in Sport in domestic league rules.
  • Provide pre-season education involving players, coaches, medical staff and referees in domestic leagues.

  • Monitor and report concussions and apply domestic regulations, including disciplinary codes and sanctioning mechanisms.

  • Where possible, make available in-game instant video replay for the identification of concussion via broadcast images.

The described measures will be implemented over the course of the coming two seasons via domestic agreements. FIFPRO and European Leagues will also form a scientific expert group to further study the occurrence of concussions and make recommendations for possible further regulatory changes.