Jerabek Trencin Web 5 2500
Discipline et Sanctions Déclaration

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Jerabek Trencin Web 5 2500

FK Teplice, eleventh in the Czech first division, unilaterally changed the terms of Jerabek’s employment with the club.

FK Teplice ordered the 26-year old defender, whose contract expires in June 2020, to finish the season in its second team as Jerabek does not wish to extend his contract. FK Teplice’s second team is playing in the third division, which is not fully professional.

FK Teplice’s measure to order Jerabek to the second team is solely aimed at forcing the player to sign a new contract. FIFPRO strongly condemns the stance of the club.

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Jerabek signed his contract in September 2017 and has for the last 2.5 years loyally fulfilled his obligations towards the club. FIFPRO considers that Jerabek, like any other player, has the right not to extend his contract. Jerabek should not face any repercussions when he decides not to sign a new contract.

In July 2018, FIFA amended its Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players adding art. 14 par. 2 related to abusive behavior, which is an article that must be considered at national level too.


Worrying situation in Czech football

FIFPRO is very concerned about the general situation in Czech football. Other players have informed us and the Czech player association (CAFH) of being excluded from training sessions.

Next to that, players are still being considered as self-employed workers, and thus lack the legal protection that workers with a normal employment contract have. FIFPRO urges the Czech football federation to arrange that all professional footballers in the Czech Republic are considered regular workers.


Top photo: Michal Jerabek playing for FK Teplice B (photo website FK Teplice)