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Italian Football HH 2500

We recognize the challenge of all football competition organizers to respond to lost time and matches during the COVID-19 crisis. Nevertheless, today’s decisions further underline that the match load of players in the coming years will be at an unsustainable level and will challenge their physical and mental health, as well as their ability to perform at their best.

We therefore reiterate what we made clear in a statement last week about the need for a strong framework to protect the health and safety of players under these competition calendars. We are encouraged that stakeholders, in particular the ECA, have expressed their commitment to work together with FIFPRO to develop such guidelines for the coming years.

We furthermore welcome FIFA’s announcement of a substantial financial relief effort to overcome the economic damage caused by this ongoing crisis. In particular the FIFA president’s remark that such funds may be used for domestic groups including players is encouraging given the substantial hardship caused to many within our membership.

We will be working with FIFA and our member unions to identify the best pathways for these funds to relieve not only the individual toll on many male and female players across the world but also to help the financial stability of football competitions as a workplace for our members.