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The Dutch players’ union, VVCS, previously challenged the same practice in a case against the Bulgarian club, CSKA-Sofia which has been pending for 8 years and has been appealed a second time to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The first decision laid the groundwork for an amendment to the FIFA Disciplinary Code. Under the amended FIFA Disciplinary Code, the sporting successor of a club will be held liable for the debts towards former players of the ‘old’ club.

In Serbia this practice still continues leaving many players unpaid and without recourse. With the Football Association of Serbia refusing to implement a similar rule as FIFA, local players do not enjoy the same level of protection as their international colleagues.


PHOTO 2020 06 09 15 17 32
Ex-FC Borac players and union leader Mirko Poledica, all wearing "we want truth" slogans, are interviewed by media.