Kenya Everton
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Kenya Everton
Video credit: KEFWA

Footballers Shami Mwinyi and Oscar Kamana, both active footballers, set up a fashion boutique in Nairobi five years ago. They were inspired to start the business when they were not paid by their clubs for several months.

“We decided to pursue something outside football,” he said. “We began by posting shoes on Facebook and Instagram, and selling them to teammates.”

Mwinyi, 27, said he is pleased he and Kamana did not wait until they had stopped playing to explore a second career. “With the pandemic, and everything that brings, we could have been caught off guard” if we didn’t have this business, he said. “We hope we are an example to other players.”

Photo (top): Everton midfielder Joe Williams takes a free-kick during a friendly match between Kariobangi Sharks and Everton at the Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi in July 2019 Credit: AFP via ANP