2.5.1. Human Rights

Human Rights

Everyone's rights should be honoured and protected

All professional footballers are human beings first and foremost. They are entitled to the same rights that should be bestowed on all global citizens. FIFPRO is a firm advocate of ensuring that all people, including players, should be guaranteed and protected by these human rights.

What you should know

FIFPRO will not tolerate the violation of players’ human rights

We are committed to protecting the human rights of all professional footballers. In cases deemed to be extraordinary or urgent, FIFPRO takes direct and immediate action to protect the players and these values.

Football governance has a responsibility to protect players

This is not only a legal requirement under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but also an indisputable matter of moral obligation. Players themselves are using their platform and resources to amplify social justice causes, furthering the fight for recognition of human rights all over the world. An unquestionable and universal commitment to human rights by the sports industry is essential.

Football can have a profound influence on domestic culture

As the largest sport in the world, football has the power to positively impact the injustices and challenges faced in today’s society.

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