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Raising Our Game Europe 2025

The women’s game in Europe has seen significant growth in the past decade, yet a deep-rooted legacy of gender discrimination still translates to a lack of opportunities for women to enter and remain in the field as professionals. Raising Our Game Europe 2025 – also known as ROGE25 – is designed to develop tools and resources to support player associations with promoting equal opportunities, access, and inclusion for women’s players.

What you need to know

Injustices faced by women's footballers

Terminated contracts, remuneration, inconsistent health insurance, absence of basic worker protections and rights, and strains on their holistic health are amongst the pressures confronting women's players.

Levelling the playing field

Thanks to European Union funding through the Erasmus+ Programme and a collaboration with the University of Bordeaux, FIFPRO Europe are developing the tools and resources that are currently lacking to support player unions.

Partner & affilate unions

FIFPRO Europe are carrying out this project with seven partner unions (Cyprus, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia), and five affiliate unions (England, Greece, Scotland, Spain, Sweden).

Providing solutions

FIFPRO Europe will work together through capacity building and action research workshops with women's footballers to develop a three-part toolkit on sustaining player union work in women’s football – guiding players in social dialogue, and movement-building for social change.

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FIFPRO ROGE25 Survey: Cluster Report


ROGE25: Empowering initiative highlighted at Women’s Football Summit

Co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme and done in collaboration with the University of Bordeaux, ROGE25 is designed to develop tools and resources to support player associations with promoting equal opportunities, access, and inclusion for women’s players.

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“ROGE25 gives us a chance to focus on the unique needs of women's players and provide our unions the best possible tools for representation and effective social dialogue. Impactful change requires this full understanding for the continued progress of the professional game in a way that's sustainable ”

— by Director of Global Policy & Strategic Relations Sarah Gregorius

Claudia van den Heiligenberg: "We need to secure basic rights for women’s players"

Former AZ, Ajax and Bayern Munich player Claudia van den Heiligenberg made 97 appearances for the Netherlands. She now works for Dutch player union VVCS and recently took on the role of project coordinator for Raising Our Game Europe 2025, which is financially supported by the European Union as part of its Erasmus+ Programme.

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Raising Our Game: 2020 Women's Football Report

FIFPRO’s Raising our Game is a forward-thinking report which charts the economic evolution of the game and puts players at the heart of the planned development and rebuilding of the sport after the coronavirus pandemic.

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“It is our hope that women's footballers, athletes and player unions across the EU will be able to draw on the resources and momentum developed in this project”

— by FIFPRO Europe General Secretary Joachim Walltin

“We are delighted and thankful that the EU underlines the value of this project by providing us with a grant, and we will do everything in our power to make ROGE25 a success”

— by Project Coordinator Claudia van den Heiligenberg