Transfer warning to players about seven countries


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FIFPRO is today issuing a transfer warning which advises professional footballers against signing for clubs in Algeria, China, Greece (Super League 2), Libya, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Turkey because of systematic and widespread contractual violations in those countries.

In Romania and Turkey, contractual violations by multiple clubs - including defaulting on salary payments - remains a longstanding and recurring issue.

The elevated number of clubs in Romania that enter into insolvency procedures continues to have severe consequences for players, pushing them into never-ending insolvency procedures with little to no chance of getting any compensation.

In the second league in Greece, clubs frequently shut down without honouring their debts. For the past two years, Greece has been the country with the highest number of players seeking to get some of their unpaid wages from the FIFA Player Protection Fund.

Non-payment of salaries is also a recurring problem for players in Algeria, China and Saudi Arabia.

With regards to Libya, FIFPRO is increasingly concerned about the growing number of foreign players who are stranded in the country because clubs that employ them refuse to provide the relevant documentation to leave.

We encourage players with concerns or questions to contact their national player union or FIFPRO.