2.1.4. Player Salary

Player Salary

The ability to work collectively to obtain a fair wage for their work is a fundamental right for players that FIFPRO supports.

In football, players are the biggest “resource”. Players should benefit from this in a fair way. While some can command large salaries and benefits, most players in the labour market are competing for a limited number of jobs - it is crucial that this environment does not allow the explotation of players.

What you should know

Football needs to improve its financial security

Through reviewing the structural, regulatory and business models, FIFPRO supports further scrutiny and analysis of football's economic health so that players can work in a secure industry.

Without players, there is no game.

FIFPRO supports its members who work together to improve the employment conditions. Players should be involved in the decision making process about changes that affect their careers. Football labour market is in a supply and demand economy, where supply far outstrips demand, which drives down wages. This situation is even worse in women’s football.