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New UEFA club licensing and financial stability regulations


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Tactical Lines B Green

FIFPRO notes the revisions to the Financial Fair Play rules adopted by the UEFA Executive Committee last week. We share the aim to maintain a stable and sustainable industry and welcome stiffer measures to clamp down on overdue payables. However, we retain significant questions and concerns about the measures taken and are frustrated by a lack of meaningful engagement and discussions with the most important actors in the industry, the players.

FIFPRO was open to involvement in the revisions and indeed commissioned an independent impact assessment on the Squad Cost Restriction regulations which we shared with UEFA.

Any balanced regulatory process on such key issues which so clearly affect industrial relations and the working conditions of players must be addressed by providing an equal say to Club and Player Representatives.

Unfortunately at the time the new rules were adopted we were still awaiting a response and serious negotiation on the concerns and questions raised.

FIFPRO will carefully study all aspects and impacts of the new rules with a view to defend players’ fundamental rights and interests. We have always advocated for a model of shared governance of our game and will therefore remain open to meaningful engagement with the other stakeholders.