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In two months we will know which eleven players have been selected by their peers for the 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI. With the voting deadline in sight – Monday November 17th – and ballots arriving in bunches and batches, FIFPro shines a light on several countries: today Peru and Uruguay.

The Peruvian footballers' association (SAFAP) kicked-of its World XI campaign on October 9th with a visit to León de Huánuco, a team from the country's premier league, and Allianza Universidad, also from the city of Huánuco (second division).

From that moment on, SAFAP's representatives toured the country, visiting the dressing rooms of the 30 other clubs of the two Peruvian top leagues. At all clubs, players appeared to enjoy the vote, even though they do not have many countrymen among the favourites to clinch a spot on the 55-player shortlist, let alone make it on stage on January 12th 2015 when the World XI is to be unveiled. In the nine year history of the World XI, no player from Peru has made it to the shortlist.

SAFAP created a video of players from five Peruvian clubs voting for the World XI: respectively Alianza Lima, Juan Aurich, Leon de Huanuco, Universitario and Sporting Cristal.


Uruguayan players have been a little more successful, as from 2011 on Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez have been on the shortlist, while Diego Forlan made the shortlist in 2010. However, Uruguay is still awaiting its first World XI award. Three players are among the many favourites: Cavani, Suárez and Diego Godin. As the first two have caught the spotlights in recent years with their performances and transfers, Godin appears to be a little bit more invisible, although he was one of the mainstays in the team of Spanish champions and Champions League runners-up Atlético Madrid.

The Uruguayan players association Mutual (MUFP) is not only visiting its members in the clubs' dressing rooms. The union's office is frequently visited by players, who among other things cast their vote. Central defender and captain of the Uruguayan national team Diego Lugano was one of them. For more World XI voting pictures, visit FIFPro's Flickr pages.

The FIFA FIFPro World XI

Each year FIFPro, the World Players' Union, invites all professional footballers in the World to vote for the FIFA FIFPro World XI. The players can select the eleven best players in their team, which consists of one goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three attackers. On Monday January 12th 2015, during the FIFA Ballon d'Or, FIFA and FIFPro will unveil the eleven players who have received the most votes.


Photo above: Juan Diego Gonzales Vigil and Diego Lugano