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FIFPro and FIFA presented a unique World XI last Monday, as the team consisted only of footballers who are playing for clubs in the Spanish La Liga. It was the first time in World XI history that all of its players show their skills in the same league.


‘Apparently this gave rise to some debate, which we understand’, says Tijs Tummers, FIFPro’s voting committee head. ‘Through the years, we have noticed that the players’ choice does not always correspond with the opinion of other people, such as journalists or football pundits.’


‘It is totally unrealistic to assume there would be no debate on the selection of 11 players.’


Tummers underlines what makes the vote for the FIFA FIFPro World XI stand out among all other elections. ‘This vote is a players only vote. We at FIFPro pride ourselves on giving all players the opportunity to vote for this election, whether they are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or a player from the Zimbabwe premier league. They have all received the same ballot, they have all been given the same chance to select 11 names. To FIFPro all players are equal, as are their votes.’


‘This election is a 100 percent players’ vote.’


‘That’s why all eleven players who received this year’s FIFA FIFPro World XI Award, are absolutely deserving of their trophy’, concludes Tummers. ‘They are the choice of their peers, the professional footballers.’


FIFPro wants to thank all players around the world who have participated in this election.


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